Review: A Little Christmas Charm

So very charming.

Who doesn’t love a good cheesy Christmas romance movie? Okay, lots of people. But I love the heck out of them. This is the first of my Somewhat Snarky Guide to Hallmark Christmas Movies which I’ll be publishing up until Christmas.

Title: A Little Christmas Charm

Starring: Ashley Greene and Brendan Penny

Channel: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (I watched it on demand via the Frndly app on my Fire Stick)


Holly (Ashley Greene) is a jewelry designer who refuses to sell her work. Greg (Brendan Penny) is a reporter who screwed up a big story and is now afraid to take chances. The two literally run into each other and team up to find the owner of a charm bracelet Holly found the pocket of a coat at the vintage clothing store she works at.


· Romance Factor: 9 Christmas Bells — The effort to find the owner of the charm bracelet takes them on a journey that you don’t realize is romantic until it comes to an end.

· Cheese Factor: 4 Christmas Bells — This one is pretty subtle with the cheddar. The cheesiest thing about it is the heroine’s predictably Christmas related name: Holly. Though dressing up in 40’s style vintage clothing for a ride on a train is pretty Gouda.

· Chemistry Factor: 6 Christmas Bells — Holly is a little stiff and icy at first. But things slowly warm up.

· Christmasy Factor: 7 Christmas Bells — While the movie takes place at Christmastime and revolves around finding the owner of a Christmas charm bracelet, the yuletide glee isn’t all up in your face.


· Someone finds confidence in themselves/their talents- Both of them.


9 Christmas Bells! A Little Christmas Charm is romantic and sweet with just the right amount of cheese. It has all the things you want in a good Christmas romance, but isn’t too trope-heavy. While I do love a good super-cheesy Christmas movie, they tend to flood the market these days. This movie is a little more subtle and just what Santa ordered.

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